About Us

Who We Are?

MSS Contracting Construction, whose seeds of establishment idea were sown in 2014, was established in the last quarter of 2020 to provide thermal insulation and architectural application services for construction projects through its young and dynamic technical personnel and labor force.

MSS Contracting Construction mainly provides contracting and sub-contracting services for various building projects such as real-estate projects, education facilities, health-care facilities, shopping malls, governmental buildings. MSS Contracting Construction starting off its adventure with the leadership of two young civil engineers, has adopted to deliver all the projects undertaken to its clients on scheduled time, within budgeted cost, and at the desired quality level as its most crucial working principle. MSS Contracting Construction applies a modern, scientific, transparent, and dynamic project management approach within the adopted working principle framework. MSS Contracting Construction is increasing its investment in technological equipment, digital transformation projects, and qualified human resources day by day to reinforce the service approach it has adopted.

As MSS Contracting Construction, we aim to integrate the internationally well-recognized project management systems and standards into our management systems and provide more professional solutions to our clients.

  • Quality
  • Time
  • Economic
  • Professional

Our Vision

Economic activities related to the construction industry significantly affect the macroeconomic indicators of both developing and developed countries. The outputs of the construction projects are the physical assets serving to increase the countries’ social and economic development levels. Therefore, the construction industry directly affects many social and economic life fields, from the need for shelter, which is one of the people’s most basic needs, to secondary needs such as transportation, infrastructure, and energy, which are necessary for continuity of commercial activities. In this regard, our vision is to be a part of a high value-added construction project contributing to societies’ economic and social development and building a better world for future generations.

Our Mission

Our missions are

  • to deliver the projects desired by our clients within the planned duration, at budgeted cost, and in the desired quality levels through our project management approach integrated with international best knowledge and practices;
  • to improve our systems by constantly following the recent developments in the field of project management;
  • to follow the developments in the field of sustainability in construction projects and integrate the recent developments to our systems; and
  • not to deviate from the values we have adopted…