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Construction Contracting Services

As MSS Contracting Construction, we provide the construction services for architectural implementation in accordance with the determined scope, planned schedule, budget, and quality standards, thanks to our teams working with great discipline and devotion. In addition, we undertake renovation, repair, and decoration works for buildings.

Project Management Services

As MSS Contracting Construction, we provide project management services for all project stages from the beginning of the conception stage to the end of the construction stage of a project. In this regard, we provide economic feasibility and project appraisal, scope management, planning and time management, financial management, quality management, resource management, procurement management, contract administration and dispute management, and building information modeling services in line with our esteemed customers’ demands.

Engineering Services

As MSS Contracting Construction, we assess the energy performance of your buildings and provide engineering services for the issuance of Energy Identification Certificates for your facilities. In addition, thanks to the R&D studies we carry out, we can design highly complex facade systems, steel roof constructions, panel facade systems, freeform structures in a very short time and integrate them with building information models.

Procurement Services

At MSS Contracting Construction, we supply construction chemicals and materials that you can use in various architectural implementations such as thermal insulation, interior decoration, interior and exterior painting works.


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